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Individual Transport

Individual Transport is provided to medical and other facilities for appointments such as doctor, hospital, dentist, counselling, physiotherapy, pathology, x-ray, etc. We also provide transport to social/recreational activities, shopping (if the person is unable to use group shopping buses), visiting a family member or friend in hospital or a nursing home, banking and other business. Services are typically local, but we also provide transport to appointments in out of area destinations, including Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra.

Preference will be given to people attending essential appointments (usually medical) and as such, we may not always be available to offer transport to other destinations.

We pick you up at your door and return you after your appointment, providing assistance where required.

Service Users must be able to get into and out of the car or bus with limited assistance and manage alone or with a carer during the appointment.

When the Service is busy we may ask Service Users to share a vehicle to correspond with an existing service user booking.

Car transport is available for Service Users unable to use a bus for medical reasons and buses with hoists are available for those who have difficulty with steps.

We also provide individual transport for Service Users who live with Dementia.