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Taxi Voucher System

The Taxi Voucher System provides an additional and flexible form of subsidised transport for eligible Service Users.

Eligibility criteria apply for all services, including taxi vouchers. If you wish to apply for the vouchers, please contact Shoalhaven Community Transport Service for an assessment.

Service Users can obtain a maximum of $50 (10 vouchers valued at $5 each) worth of vouchers per month with each voucher specifically bar coded to the client.

Service Users are asked to pay a contribution fee of $1 for every $5 voucher they receive (10 vouchers equals $10).

Taxi bookings are to be made directly through the local Taxi provider. Phone your local Taxi company and notify them that you will be using Shoalhaven Community Transport Service Taxi Vouchers. The vouchers are not transferable or redeemable for cash and change will not be given. The difference between the vouchers and the taxi fare is to be paid by the Service User.

Vouchers remain the property of Shoalhaven Community Transport Service and are not to be used with any other taxi subsidy system.

All Taxi operators in the Shoalhaven area will accept the vouchers. The vouchers are only valid in the Shoalhaven Local Government area. Vouchers do not have an expiry date, but we encourage the use of them within a reasonable time frame.