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  1. Individual Transport
    Individual Transport

    Individual Transport is provided to medical and other facilities for appointments such as doctor, hospital, dentist, counselling, physiotherapy, pathology, x[...]

  2. Group Transport
    Group Transport

    Buses provide door to door transport for groups to respite centres, shopping, social/recreational activities and weekend outings. Some groups may be a[...]

  3. Taxi Voucher System
    Taxi Voucher System

    The Taxi Voucher System provides an additional and flexible form of subsidised transport for eligible Service Users. Eligibility criteria apply for al[...]

  4. Bus Hire
    Bus Hire

    Our buses are available for hire to eligible Home and Community Care (HACC) Service Users and organisations. The bus hiring fee is $1.00 per kilometre[...]

  5. Cost of Services
    Cost of Services

    The actual contribution depends on the type of service you are receiving and the distance travelled. You will be informed of the contribution at the time of[...]

  6. Veterans' Affairs

    Our Service has negotiated an agreement enabling Veterans’ Affairs Service Users to use our services to and from medical appointments.[...]